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La Massara


MASSARA was the first lady of masseries, farms in Sicily. She was in charge of organizing the harvests and the meals of the workmen of the farm.

One of his biggest roles was managing the masseria oven. Each use of the oven was the occasion of a party where every lady of the farm brought her best recipe.

MASSARA symbolizes the transmission of flavors and traditions, both of cooking and Sicilian culture.

MASSARA is also a family story. The great grandfather of our chef Francesco Lombardo was a great Sicilian poet: Giuseppe Nicolosi Scandurra.

He wrote a lot of poems about the masserie and Rosa la Massara, of which he was madly in love.

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Italian Restaurant


75, rue Turbigo - 75003 Paris

Rusidda is an Italian delicatessen in the heart of Paris

which offers products directly from Sicilian producers and traditional cooked dishes from the region.

The place is named in honor of the great-grandfather poet of the owner who had fallen in love with Rusidda,

a Sicilian massara.

Very enamored, he dedicated to him his collection of poems: CANZUNERI PER RUSIDDA.

In a spirit combining tradition and modernity La Rusidda is a warm place

where we invite you to discover the terroir and culinary riches of Sicily, to consume on the spot or take away!

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1 rue Borda 75003 Paris 09 86 47 54 74